We all love giving gifts but quite often we can worry that the recipient will not like it, so choosing the right gift for your friend can become challenging at times. Many factors can come into this stress such as price, thoughtfulness, usefulness or the correct colour and shape etc. There are many options out there to choose from, so it can often feel like a minefield trying to choose the right gift. The below set of questions will help you to select the right gift for your friend.

What Is The Occasion?

Gifts can be for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and many other seasonal events, each one having a different meaning. Firstly, consider why you are buying the gift as quite often this will differentiate the theme and style of the item you will be looking for. For example, if your friend has had a baby, you may want to find a special personalised baby gift such as a keepsake box or a christening gift. Whereas if you are buying a gift for a friend who has just got engaged, you may consider alternatives including personalised champagne flutes or a wedding guest book. Deciding what suits the occasion is the first step in choosing the perfect gift.

What Is Your Budget?

The price point for your gift is very important. You may have a set amount that you and your friends spend for Christmas gifts or you may be on a strict budget and wish to buy an affordable gift for your friend. Decide your budget and then think of a gift accordingly. When shopping online you can often filter by price from low to high. This will greatly help with finding a beautiful gift within your budget and take away the time and effort of manually searching through.

What Does Your Friend Like?

When buying a gift for your friend, you need to consider their hobbies and interests, their likes and dislikes. Does your friend drink alcohol? Are they a foodie? Are they sentimental? Do they enjoy home and interior gifts? What job do they do? Asking these questions will sort out which categories to shop in. For instance, if your friend drinks alcohol, they may love an alcoholic gift of a bottle of gin or prosecco. If they are a foodie and love chocolate, then they may want a tasty chocolate gift. This will really narrow down what type of gift to buy your friend.

Choose A Personalised Gift

When buying a gift, extra thought and a personal touch always go a long way. A personalised birthday gift for your friend is sure to create a memorable moment and ensure that your present stands out from the crowd. Adding on their name or special dates will add a smile to their face when they open it. There are many engraving options that can now be chosen when selecting a personalised gift, meaning you can really be creative and show your friend how much they mean to you. Yuhu Gifts have a vast range of personalised gifts that are great for all year round. You can find something for everyone with a variety of styles to choose from and at affordable prices.

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