February is the month of love but that does not mean you can only plan one date night only on Valentine’s Day, we have some Fun Indoor date night ideas. Spread the love throughout the year with the below date night ideas. They are easy to do and fun for everyone. Perfect for staying in, getting cosy and enjoying your loved one’s company.

Fun Indoor Date Night Idea 1: Scrapbooking of Memories

Fun Indoor Date Night Ideas

In a relationship you make tons of memories. Weeks, months and years go by, filled with memories. Sometimes we forget to cherish these moments, sit back and enjoy them, and take the time to reminisce. One great way to do that is to create a photo album or scrapbook of all the photos. As a couple, print off your favourite memories and photos that you want to use. These may be from key life events such as from birthdays, Christmas, weddings, babies or holidays.  Or you may find cherished memories from random days. Whatever you hold closest to your heart.

Another great way to store memories is with a keepsake box. For larger items and tokens that may not fit into a photo album. A personalised keepsake box will make the perfect home for all of your little souvenirs that you have collected over time. Have fun creating and organising your little box of happiness!

Fun Indoor Date Night Idea 2: Cocktail Making

Date Night

Cocktails do not always have to be consumed in a fancy bar! Bring the bar to your home with a fun cocktail making night. Use up all those bottles of alcohol from Christmas or the holidays and shake up some delicious cocktails. A bottle of gin makes a great base for many cocktails such as a Negroni, Singapore Sling, Tom Collins or a Bramble. Or maybe use a bottle of vodka to create cocktail classics such as a Cosmopolitan, Moscow Mule, Harvey Wallbanger or an espresso Martini!

Fun Indoor Date Night Idea 3: Cheese and Wine Night

Have a romantic evening with a cheese and wine night! Everyone loves a good spread, a beautiful meal or a candle lit dinner. Combine all of these and create a tasty cheese board for you and your partner to enjoy. Be as adventurous or as safe with the cheese as you wish. A mild cheddar up to a strong stilton? Add some brie, goat cheese and gouda. Level up the cheese board with cured meats, crackers, grapes, chutneys and other sides and snacks to create a huge feast. Pair with a full bodied red wine to really enjoy all of the flavours. Add candles and dim lighting to set the mood and enjoy!

Fun Indoor Date Night Idea 4: Ready, Steady, Cook!

Bring fire into the kitchen with a little cooking competition. See who can make the tastiest dish with a bag of 10 random ingredients. These ingredients could include chicken, rice, prawns, peas, potato, leeks, tomatoes, cheese, pasta and broccoli. (You do not have to use all the ingredients in the bag.) Use whatever condiments or spices you may already have in the house for flavour. Set a 30 minute timer and you are off! Get personalised aprons to really get into the spirit of things.

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