Decorate Your Home This Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and that means filling the house with Christmas decorations, a Christmas tree and everything in between to kick off the festive season. If you are after some inspiration for Christmas decor and want to adorn your home with beautiful personalised Christmas decorations, the below top tips for decorating your home this Christmas will get you started.

Starting with the tree…

The Christmas tree is often the centre piece of the festive celebrations. Always ensure that the tree is of an adequate size. You do not want it to be too large so it engulfs the space but large enough to make an impact and create festive cheer. Pick a colour scheme for the tree. This can be classic reds and golds or a more modern twist with a pop of colour such as pink or blue. One way to really have a personalised Christmas tree is to have personalised Christmas baubles. This creates a personal and sentimental element. Many families have Christmas traditions and creating a personalised bauble. This really adds a truly unique and bespoke element to your home.

This wonderful ceramic star is a perfect example of how you can create a memory for a child’s first Christmas.

Another huge part of the build up to Christmas is Advent and Advent Calendars! Children and adults alike love to open the doors everyday. Why not add some sustainability and joy to your home this year with a reusable and personalised Advent Calendar. Investing in a reusable Advent Calendar means it can be filled up again and again. Yuhu Gifts can personalise these with a name, making them extra special every year.

An all time Favourite…

A classic addition to Christmas decorations are stockings to hang on the fireplace. 

This personalised stocking in grey comes in tones that evoke Christmas, along with a polar bear, a star and an area to personalise with a name. Thus making it a perfect gift for children for all of their stocking fillers. Another great fireplace addition is a personalised lantern. The flickering light will create a cosy atmosphere, perfect for the cold, winter nights. In addition, adding a few around the room, the light created will bounce off the walls and establish a warm ambience for the whole family.

Decorate Your Home This Christmas

To top off your decorations, make sure to add some little ornaments around the home. Rustic and wooden influences always look lovely and cheerful for the festive season. This personalised rustic wooden reindeer decoration will make a perfect addition to any room. With the added bonus of a personalised name, you can get one to represent each family member. For a wholesome family home Christmas display. Christmas decorations don’t always have to be serious and on topic. Why not consider a humorous Christmas decoration with a Personalised Christmas Dachshund Sign. With 33% of homes owning a dog, a personalised dog sign could be the last piece of the puzzle for your decorations this Christmas.

So if you are looking for personalised Christmas decorations this Christmas, Yuhu Gifts have you covered. With an extensive range of baubles, advent calendars and Personalised Gifts for the whole family.

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